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Solar Richmond Programs and Services

Solar Industry Training

Solar Richmond (SR) offers solar installation training to eligible local residents. Through its East Bay Green Job Corps/Brighter Futures Program, SR also enrolls young adults in community college courses and offers solar internships. SR includes mindfulness training in all of its programs to foster personal and professional growth. Click here for more information.

Cooperative Business Incubation

SR is launching its first green cooperative business, Pamoja Energy Solutions. The co-op will offer superior solar and energy efficiency services while generating jobs and shared wealth in the community.

Staffing Services

SR meets the temporary staffing needs of solar companies, creating jobs for underemployed residents. SR has worked with over 20 industry partners in the Bay Area including Sun Light and Power, Sunburst Solar, and Sun First!.  Click here for more information.

Socially-Responsible Solar & Solar Advocacy

The SR model provides a direct way for solar customers to create jobs for marginalized workers when going solar. SR also successfully promotes progressive solar and green-jobs policies. To learn how you can get involved and support our mission, click here.

Partnering with Solar Companies and Consumers to Create Jobs

Solar Richmond Staffing Services makes it easy for consumers and solar companies to secure well-trained laborers and installers on solar projects. With Solar Richmond, both solar companies and consumers can meet project needs confidently and efficiently while opening the door to solar and green careers for program graduates. Click here to secure a graduate.